No. Event Date(s) Convener(s)
60th Institute Foundation Day & Inauguration of Diamond Jubilee Celebrations August 6, 2019

Prof. Lakshman Nandagiri (Chairman)
Prof. S. M. Murigendrappa
Dr. Manu
Prof. Arun M. Isloor
Dr. Prasanna B. D.

2. Alumni Meet (1965-1979) August 6, 2019 Dean (AA&IR) &
Alumni Association
3. National Workshop on Advanced Materials and Characterization Techniques (AMCT-2019) August 7-11, 2019 Prof. Uday Bhat K
Dr. M Rizwanur Rahman
Dr. Saumen Mandal
(Dept. of MME)
4. Workshop on Jala Anvaharti August 8-9, 2019 Prof. Amba Shetty
Prof. Lakshman N
Dr. Pruthviraj U
(Dept. of Applied Mechanics & Hydraulics)
5. One Week National Workshop on High Performance Computing and Applications August 12-17, 2019 Dr. Sowmya Kamath S.
Dr. Geetha V.
(Dept. of Information Technology)
6. Tree-Planting Day August 15, 2019 Prof. Arun M. Isloor
Resident Engineer
Dr. Sumanth Govindarajan
Professor-in-Charge (Hostel Affairs)
& All Wardens
7. National Workshop on Computations of Intelligent Optimization techniques for Engineering problems August 19-21, 2019 Dr. N. Gnanasekaran
(Dept. of Mechanical Engineering)
8. National Symposium titled Environmental Pollution Prevention and Control – Future Perspective (EPPCFP 2019) August 23-25, 2019 Prof. G. Srinikethan
Prof. Vidya Shetty
Prof. Rajmohan
(Dept. of Chemical Engineering)
9. First International Conference on Power Electronics Applications and Technology in Present Energy Scenario (PETPES-2019) August 29-31, 2019 Dr. P. Parthiban
Dr. R. Kalpana
(Dept of E&E Engineering)
10. GIAN course on Design and Analysis of Offshore Floating Wind Turbine September 3-7, 2019
Dr. Debabrata Karmakar
(Dept. of Applied Mechanics & Hydraulics)
11. Teachers' Day & Academic Summit (inviting distinguished alumni who are excelling in academic field; inviting all former faculty & staff) September 5, 2019 Dean (AA&IR)
12. Sports Meet / Sports Day September 2019 Dean (SW)
13. Engineers' Day & Technology Summit (inviting distinguished alumni who are excelling in industry, public sector and government organizations) September 15, 2019 Dean (AA&IR), Dean (R&C) and HODs
14. Five-day training program on Quality Management System in Civil Engineering September 23-27, 2019
Dr. B. B. Das
Dr. A. Azhoni
(Dept. of Civil Engineering)
15. National Workshop on Recent Advances in Material Chemistry (RAMC) September 26, 2019
Prof. B. Ramachandra Bhat &
Dr. Udayakumar D.
(Dept. of Chemistry)
16. Workshop on "Prakrithi - Infocus" September 28, 2019
Dr. Pruthviraj U.
Prof. Lakshman N.
(Dept. of Applied Mechanics & Hydraulics)
17. Five-day training programme on Design, Construction & Maintenance of all Weather Roads October 14-18, 2019
Dr. Raviraj H. M.
(Dept. of Civil Engineering)
18. Open House October 19, 2019 Dean (R&C) & HODs
19. ENIGNEER 2019 (TechFest) October 2019 Dean (SW)
20. National Seminar on Frontiers in Materials October 29, 2019
Prof. K. N. Prabhu
(Dept. of MME)
International Conference on Trending Moments & Steer Forces - Civl Engineering Today
(jointly with Dept. of Civil Engineering, DBCE, Goa) to be held at Goa. 
Oct. 30 - Nov. 1, 2019
Dr. Varghese George
Dr. Swetha Prasanna
(Dept. of Civil Engineering)
22. Annual Convocation Oct/Nov 2019 Dean (Academic)
23. 1st Society of Mining Engineers (SME) - NITK Annual Conference November 1-2, 2019
Dr. K. Ram Chandar, Chairman
Dr. Harsha Vardhan, Convenor
Dr. M. Aruna, Treasurer
(Dept. of Mining Engineering)
24. NITK Research Conclave November 16, 2019
Prof. Arun M. Isloor
(Dept. of Chemistry)
25. Faculty Development Programme on Fiber Reinforced Concrete and its Applications November 18-22, 2019
Dr. T. Palanisamy
Dr. B. B. Das
(Dept. of Civil Engineering)
26. One-week Training Programme/Workshop on CBRN Emergency preparedness Nov/Dec 2019
Prof. Raj Mohan B.
(Centre for Disaster Risk Reduction)
27. International Winter school on Medical Imaging and Analysis December 1-20, 2019
Prof. Sumam David
Dr. Deepu Vijayasenan
(Dept. of Electronics and Communication Engineering)
28. 2nd International Conference on Design, Materials and Manufacture December 6-8, 2019
Prof. G. C. Mohan Kumar
(Dept. of Mechanical Engineering)
29. Five-day training Programme on Disaster Prevention December 9-13, 2019
Dr. Babloo Chaudhary
Dr. B. M. Sunil
(Dept. of Civil Engineering)
30. Workshop on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Applications in the Emerging Areas of Computer Science and Information Technology
December 9-13, 2019
Prof. Ram Mohana Reddy
Dr. Kiran M.
Dr. Bhawana Rudra
Dr. Anand Kumar M.
(Dept. of Information Technology)
31. 1971 Batch Reunion December 14-15, 2019
Alumni Association
and Dean (AA&IR)
32. 5-Day AICTE Sponsored Workshop on Block Chain Technology December 16-20, 2019
Dr. Bhawana Rudra
(Dept. of Information Technology)
33. 1976 Batch Reunion December 21-22, 2019
Alumni Association
and Dean (AA&IR)
34. 1994 Batch Silver Jubilee Reunion December 21-22, 2019
Alumni Association
and Dean (AA&IR)
35. 13th Global Alumni Convention (Hyderabad) December 21-22, 2019 Alumni Association
36. GIAN Course on Environmental loads and Design Approach for Fixed and Floating Offshore Structures December 23-27, 2019
Dr. T. Nasar
Prof. Subba Rao
(Dept. of Applied Mechanics & Hydraulics)
37. International Conference on Digital Technologies and Transformation in Academic Libraries (DigiTTAL-2019) December 26-28, 2019
Dr. M. Angadi
(Central Library)
38. 1983 Batch Reunion December 26-28, 2019 Alumni Association
39. All NITs Administrative Officers Meet December 2019
Joint Registrar
and Team
40. National Workshop on Environmental Quality Monitoring (Water, Air and Soil) Hands-on Training December 2019
Dr. B. Manu
Mr. Manohar Shanbhogue
(Dept. of Civil Engineering)
41. National Workshop on Administration, Academic and Finance Issues for Centrally Funded Technical Institutes January 2020
Joint Registrar
and Team
42. International Conference on Frontiers of Intelligent Computing Theory and Applications (FICTA 2020) January 3-5, 2020
Dr. Ritanjali Mahji
Dr. Rashmi Uchil
Dr. Suprabha K. R.
Dr. Pradyot Ranjan Jena
Dr. Sowmya Kamath
Dr. Geetha V.
Dr. Biju Mohan
Dr. Nagamma Patil
(School of Management and Dept. of Information Technology)
43. NITK - Karavali Marathon January 12, 2020
Dean (AA&IR) and
Alumni Association
44. Inter-NIT Sports Events January 17-19 2020 Dean (SW)
45. TEDx NITK Surathkal January 17, 2020
Dean (SW) and
Dr. Sheena with team
(Centre for System Design)
46. National Workshop on Waves January 20, 2020
Dr. Ajith K. M.
Dr. Shajahan T. K.
Dr. Nagaraja H. S.
(Dept. of Physics)
47. National Workshop on Computational Solutions of Partial Differential Equations January 20-24, 2019
Dr. Chandhini Godavarmaraja
Dr. Vishwnath Kadaba Puttanna
(Dept. of Mathematical & Computational Sciences)
48. Short-Term Training Programme (STTP) on Speech, Audio and Music Processing (SAMP-2020) January 21-25, 2019
Dr. Aparna P.
Dr. Deepu Vijayasenan
(Dept. of Electronics and Communication Engineering)
49. HackVerse (National Level Hackathon) January 25-26, 2020 Dean (SW)
50. National Workshop on Graph Colouring, Domination and Applications January 25-29, 2019
Dr. A. Senthil Thilak
Dr. D. Pushparaj Shetty
Dr. Srinivasa Rao Kola
(Dept. of Mathematical & Computational Sciences)
51. Bharat Darshan January 26, 2020 Dean (SW)
52. National Conference on New and Effective Innovations, Technologies and Key Challenges 2020 January 30-31, 2020
Dr. Devatha C. P.
Dr. Rajasekaran
(Dept. of Civil Engineering)
53. INCIDENT 2020 (Cultural Fest) February 27 - March 1, 2020 Dean (SW)
54. Symposium on Leadership Skills in Education February 10, 2020
Prof. S. Narendranath
(Dept. of Mechanical Engineering)
55. International Conference on Advances in Design, Processing, Materials and Energy for Sustainable Development March 9-11, 2020
HOD, Mechanical Engg. and
Multidisciplinary Association with
Dept. of MME, Chemical Engg., Chemistry
and AMHy
56. National Workshop on Blockchain and its Applications March 11-15, 2020
Dr. R. Madhusudhan
Dr. D. Pushparaj Shetty
(Dept. of Mathematical & Computational Sciences)
57. Project Expo March 2020 Dean (R&C), HODs
58. Ring Presentation Ceremony April 2020 Dean (SW)
59. 2nd National Workshop on Computations of Intelligent Optimization Techniques for Engineering Problems May 2020
Dr. N. Gnanasekaran
(Dept. of Mechanical Engineering)
60. International Conference on Sustainable Advances in Construction Technology and Management June 18-19, 2020
Dr. B. B. Das
Dr. Gangadhar Mahesh
Dr. C. Rajasekaran
(Dept. of Civil Engineering)
61. National Workshop on Applications of Power Electronics in Smart Renewable Energy Systems June 22-26, 2020
Dr. A. Karthikeyan
Dr. P. Parthiban
Dr. R. Kalpana
(Dept. of Electrical and Electronics
62. Induction Programme for Freshers July 2020 Dean (SW) & TEQIP
63. National Conference on "Convergence of Management Practices in the Era of Industry 4.0" July 22-23, 2020 Dr. Bijuna C. Mohan
Dr. Savita Bhat
Dr. Rashmi Uchil
Dr. Suprabha K. R.
Dr. Ritanjali Majhi
(School of Management)
64. National Workshop on Fracture Signature Identification July 30-31, 2020
Dr. Subray Hegde
Dr. Sumanth Govindarajan
(Dept. of MME)
65. Alumni Meet (1980-2019) August 5, 2020
Dean (AA&IR) &
Alumni Association
61st Institute Foundation Day & Diamond Jubilee Celebrations Closing Ceremony
August 6, 2020
Prof. Arun M. Isloor
Dr. B. B. Das

Chairman, Core Committee

Prof. S. M. Murigendrappa
Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, NITK Surathkal
Email: smmnitk [AT] gmail [DOT] com
Phone (office): +91 824 2473651


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